“I attended the first BIO lunch in Crawley and was one of about 40 guests.  Ten years on, I am now part of a team that hosts its own annual lunch in Bromley.  We are increasing our guest list each year and have approx.120 guests.  I wanted to start our own lunch because I fully supported Gillian’s concept of BIO.  It is a great way of meeting up with friends and family on a regular basis and raising funds for cancer based charities.   We have met so many new people over the 10 years.  We have all had Cancer affect our lives and organising the lunch each year and raising money is a way of remembering the people we have lost and trying to help future sufferers of cancer”. 

Sue Sinton
Guest and Organiser

“Cancer Research UK is incredibly grateful to Gillian and all the BIO team for their amazing work in raising money for our vital work into breast cancer – thanks to research survival from this disease is rising every year. BIO is such a simple idea but it’s making a big difference. I’ve been speaking at the Crawley lunch for several years, and I’m happy to say that it’s moved far beyond something I have to do as part of my job – it’s something I do for my friends”.

Dr Kat Arney
Science Information Manager, Cancer Research UK

“I have incurable breast cancer for over 5 years, and continue to have regular treatment to keep the tumours at bay. I am an HR Director and Step Mum to Joel and Bethany. I love the BIO event and hope to make my speeches fun and informative. I am also a key member of Bosom Buddies in Guildford, a local support group for ladies with Breast Cancer – (see Links page)”.

Fiona Downs
Guest and Speaker

“I have been a speaker at BIO luncheon for three years now and it is one of my most anticipated events of my year! A dear friend invited me four years ago and all I knew about it was it was a ladies lunch that raised money for Cancer charities. I didn’t know what to expect and I certainly wouldn’t have dreamed of how much BIO has changed my perception of life. At the age of 26 I had just been through the toughest year of my life having had Ovarian Cancer. I had to endure surgery and months of Chemotherapy treatment all with an 8 month old baby. Life had been incredibly hard going, but I’m so pleased I went to BIO that year.  I was quite taken back by the fabulous spirit of the lunch. I felt like one of the girls again and that I wasn’t alone in what I had gone through.  Fiona Downs was one of the speaker’s that day and she inspired me to want to get up and share my experience with others. Speaking at BIO has not only allowed me to meet great friends but to use my bad experience for something positive for me and other women. It has given me confidence and I have since been in The Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2039298/When-missing-period-sign-ovarian-cancer.html and on Meridian news promoting awareness, but BIO will always be very close to my heart and I hope to always be a part of it in the future”.

Georgina Leadbeatter
Guest and Speaker

I decided to hold my own BIO lunch because not only have I seen the difference it makes to people’s lives but it also made an impact on mine. Having had MS for a number of years I have met the most incredible people and wanted to hold a BIO lunch myself to raise money for the MS Society plus raise awareness of MS. BIO is a fantastic idea and I’m proud to be part of it

Charlie Lloyd
Guest and Satellite Organiser