Welcome to ‘By Invitation Only’


‘By Invitation Only’ (BIO) is the name given to our special lunches. BIO values are: Friendship, Information, Support and Raising Money for Charity.

BIO is a very simple concept: A lunch for you, your family and friends which is held on the same day each year and (where possible) at the same venue.

The idea behind ‘By Invitation Only’ is that you are Invited (and in turn you Invite) someone to join you for lunch. You may invite as many people as you like and you don’t have to have known them for long, however the invite is saying that you want to remain in contact/friends with them, so you would need at least to have met and liked them! By accepting the Invitation, you will have accepted that you will do your best to meet up at least once a year i.e. at the BIO lunch, thus maintaining your friendship. As you return each year it is hoped that you too will invite friends and family of your own and that they in turn continue to meet up with you each year bringing with them their friends. In this way the friendship tree grows steadily and enables the fundraising side of the event to raise even more money.

Most BIO lunches are just for the ladies, however there is a growing number of events where both sexes attend. Lunches are held annually in various locations throughout the year with a number of different Charities supported. Check out our BIO Satellites page for details.